Instituto de Ética RINRI

RINRI Corporate Membership Organization

RINRI Corporate Membership Organization is an organization comprised of corporate members that associate themselves with the principals of RINRI practice. With the slogan of “Bringing RINRI to the company, heart to the workplace, and love to the family” , our goal is to first initiate change in the executives of the company through the study of RINRI. We believe that this will then create positive change in their staff and corporate culture at large, developing a healthy and prosperous company.

RINRI Family Membership Organization

RINRI Family Membership Organization is an organization comprised of individual members that associate themselves with the principals of RINRI practice led by the RINRI Institute of Ethics. With the goal of “Creating a better family, a better regional community, and a better Japan” , we promote various activities that can contribute to the regional communities while working intimately with them.

Promoting RINRI Overseas

While training organizations overseas, we are committed to promoting RINRI
and creating opportunities for exchange in a way that best suits each country.
We believe it is our mission to raise awareness in RINRI and morals education
in “becoming the tugboat for Asia (and the world at large)” .

Earth RINRI Promotion Activities

RINRI Institute of Ethics advocates and promotes
“Earth RINRI” , and undertakes projects worldwide with the
ultimate goal of ensuring peace and security on Earth.

Fuji Education Center

At the Fuji Education Center established in 1966, we utilize the beautiful natural
environment of the facility to train practitioners of RINRI. Here,
they learn the necessary skills to put RINRI into daily practice in the family,
workplace, and regional communities.

About RINRI Institute of Ethics

Research Activities


Just as the material world has the law of physics and the physical world the law of physiology,
RINRI is the law governing human life. RINRI is indeed the universal and
immutable laws for living, a “way of life” that truly connectspeople,
material things, and the natural environment in a harmonious relationship.