Instituto de Ética RINRI

About RINRI Institute of Ethics

RINRI Institute of Ethics is a private social education organization comprised of members that are committed to promoting lifelong learning. Creating a warm family, a vibrant workplace, and a bright regional community is the first step towards building a pleasant and peaceful society. We are dedicated to promoting various activities that create opportunities for as many people to learn the way of life as a member of the society and to put these principals into daily practice.

Organization Overview

Name RINRI Institute of Ethics(General Incorporated Association)
Officers Chairman Toshiaki Maruyama
Vice Chairman Tomohiro Maekawa
Executive Directors
Akira Suzue / Wada Takeshi
8 Directors
2 Auditors
Address 4-5 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 102-8561
TEL 03-3264-2251 / FAX 03-3239-7431

September 3rd, 1945 Day of the Founding of RINRI Movement
Our mission is to contribute to the prosperity of
the Japanese nation and peace in the world through
RINRI research and practice, with the aims of life improvement ,
moral upliftment, and cultural development for all.
We undertake the following activities to fulfill the above mission.
Activities Social education
Publishing and information
Cultural activities
Earth RINRI promotion