Instituto de Ética RINRI

Company Change is Initiated
by the Business Executives’

With the slogan, “Bringing RINRI to the company, Heart to the workplace, and love to the Family”, RINRI Corporate Membership Organization has been committed to promoting and spreading activities, where 67,000 companies and its members learn the theory and practice of RINRI Management based in RINRI.
We also have our overseas offices in Taiwan, America, and Brazil.


Business Executives Morning Seminar

The Secret to a Lively Company is
in the Morning

The Morning Seminar is held early morning every once a week at 690 venues across Japan. While learning to become a morning person, members learn about RINRI Management that can create a healthy and prosperous company, through learning about RINRI and listening to prominent figures from various backgrounds talk about their personal experiences. This provides opportunities for Business Executives to gain insight by interacting with the other members.


Katsuryoku (Vitality) Morning Meeting

Restoring Energy in the Workplace with Katsuryoku Morning Meeting

RINRI Corporate Membership Organization promotes “Katsuryoku (Vitality) Morning Meeting” through the use of “Shokuba no Kyoyo (Workplace Education)” (Monthly Magazine). As we say; “Business is People”, improving the quality of employees and enhancing vitality is crucial in creating a better corporate culture. Instead of dismissing the Morning Meeting as a mere gathering for reporting and making announcements, we make the most of it as a place for educating and invigorating the employees. “Refreshing smile, lively voice, beautiful posture, and agile motion” enlivens the Morning Meeting and creates a lively workplace.


RINRI Course for Successors

Training True Leaders, Rich in Humanity

RINRI Course for Successors is held to train company successors that hold the future of their company. By starting with understanding the finding spirit of their companies correctly, through learning the theory and practice of RINRI and acquiring the knowledge and principals essential to Business Managers, they are equipped with the necessary skills to become successors of RINRI Management. The friendship built amongst their peers and seniors through shared experiences creates strong and invaluable ties.


Business Executives Gathering

For New Members and Prospective Members
who are Business Executives

We hold the Business Executives Gathering a few times a year for New Members and Prospective Members who are Business Executives. It is a study group to learn about RINRI Management by listening to other members talk about their personal experiences of putting RINRI into daily practice.


RINRI Management Lecture

Indicating the Path for Corporate Activation from the Perspective of RINRI

We offer lectures on RINRI Management at over 650 venues across Japan every year between January and May to speak about the importance of RINRI Management to a wide range of audience. We give lectures on how to realize a healthy and prosperous company, as well as about the value and expansion of RINRI Management that can contribute to the development of local communities and the society. These contents are discussed in lectures by RINRI Corporate Membership Organization Instructors, in reports by people who have taken part in our activities, and in the Corporate Members Morning Meetings.


RINRI 17000

Proof as RINRI Management Model Company

“RINRI 17000” is a system that certifies corporations that have promoted RINRI Management significantly and have made great contributions to the local communities and the society. This system was created to assess their engagement in RINRI Management. We may say that the companies that become certified through the strict examination procedure become a Model Company of RINRI Management. At present, there are over 229 companies that have become certified since 2004 and 2018.


Corporate RINRI Seminar

Learning about RINRI in a Natural Environment and Polishing up Practical Skills

Member Corporations are allowed to join the Immersion Seminar at “Fuji Highland Training Center” (Gotenba City, Shizuoka). The seminar is consisted of separate courses for Business Managers, Executive Employees, General Employees, and New employees, and is held throughout the year. Participants enhance their skills in putting RINRI into practice as they deepen their understanding through the 3-day curriculum catered to their current career and position.