Instituto de Ética RINRI

About Fuji Education Center

Fuji Education Center is located in Gotenba City, Shizuoka.
Since its establishment in 1966, for over 50 years, we have been engaged in promoting RINRI education for family, companies, and youth at our Fuji Highland Training Center, an accommodation and education facility located at the foot of Mt.Fuji, taking full advantage of its natural environment.Within the complex, there is the Fuji Manyo Botanical Carden, Toshio Maruyama Memorial Museum, and Fuji RINRI School.


Fuji Highland Training Center

Fuji Highland Training Center was established in 1966 as an educational facility for learning the theory and practice of RINRI. Since then, it has been offering a variety of seminars throughout the year, including seminars on how to cultivate the hearts of Business workers (Business Managers, Executives, and Employees), Life RINRI Seminar for strengthening family ties, and seminars for healthy youth development (high school, middle school, and elementary school) . The current facility that was renovated in 2001 was designed by Architect Hiroshi Naito.


Fuji Manyo Botanical Garden

Fuji Manyo Botanical Garden opened in 1969. In the garden, you can enjoy plants that appear in “Manyoshu”, the oldest existing collection of Japanese Poetry, as well as those indigenous to Mt.Fuji. By making the most of the original landscape and vegetation, the garden attempts to recreate the seasonal beauty of nature and the original landscape of the mountains and hills as the ancient Manyo people saw them.


Toshio Maruyama Memorial Museum

Toshio Maruyama Memorial Museum opened in 1966. The museum exhibits a great number of theses by Toshio Maruyama that he devoted his life to, and his personal belongings and writings. They are shown to students that have attended the seminar at Fuji Highland Training Center, following the theme of the seminar. Visitors may also feel the breath of Toshio just as he once lived, by visiting the reproduction of the room “Ichikawa no Ma”, where Toshio Maruyama dedicated himself to his research and writing in his later years.


Fuji RINRI School

Fuji RINRI School was established in 1967 as an educational facility for training dedicated researchers of the RINRI movement.