Instituto de Ética RINRI

Overseas Promotion

We have been training our overseas organizations and are committed to further promoting RINRI in the most suitable way for each country. As “The Tugboat for Asia (the world)”, we have been contributing to enlivening the principles of RINRI and morals at our overseas offices.


Incorporated Association
China RINRI Research Academy (1986 ~)

We offer RINRI courses regularly at 30 venues in mainly Taichung City.

Incorporated Association
Asia-Taiwan Association of corporate Ethics (2016 ~)

RINRI Institute Taiwan Office is located in Taipei City, where RINRI Management Seminars and Corporate Training Seminars are offered regularly for Business Managers.


Nonprofit Organization RINRI Institute USA

Based in Los Angeles, we have been engaged in promoting RINRI to various Japanese-American organizations and to people in the fields of education.
Our Members are comprised of 2 groups; the Individual Membership Group and Corporate Membership group, both contributing to improving the lifestyle of local people and developing healthy and prosperous local companies by offering regular RINRI courses and engaging in various activities.

Southern California RINRI Association (1997 ~)

We offer regular RINRI courses and Cultural Activities such as Calligraphy classes and Tanka classes for Japanese-Americans.

RINRI Business Ethics Association Southern California (2016 ~)
RINRI Business Ethics Association Orange County (2017~)

We offer Morning Seminars and various events for Business Managers.


We provide articles about RINRI Management and a monthly column by Toshiaki Maruyama, the president of RINRI Institute of Ethics, in the free newspaper "NEW YORK BIZ". The newspaper, published every Thursday from New York to 36 cities in the U.S. is compiled from the latest news on the U.S. and Japan.


Nonprofit Organization Brazil RINRI Association(2000 ~)

Activities are held at 5 venues within the municipality of Sao Paulo. Besides attending the regular RINRI courses, members learn about Japanese traditional culture through engaging in cultural activities such as Calligraphy and Tanka, and have been working towards improving their lives.

Sao Paolo RINRI Corporate Association (2017~)

Morning seminars and various events are held for Business Managers.


RINRI Institute China Office

The RINRI Institute China Office is located in Beijing, promoting RINRI in the region. Various Exchange Programs are conducted in partnership with various organizations and institutions. We also support the “Earth RINRI Forest Restoration Program (Desert Greening Program) in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Japan-China RINRI Culture Academic Exchange
(1985 ~)

We promote academic exchange with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute Philosophy Research Center. Through various discussions and meetings on RINRI culture, we have been contributing to the research and development of RINRI culture in both Japan and China.